Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Sex with mami

Its almost 10 year's ago, when I do first sex with my Auntie(Mami). I
was in college that time, my parents went to India for holiday. So my
Mama & mami come to our home for stay & look after me. My mami was very
hot and sexy with round asses and beautifull big round boobs with brown
nipples. She was 30 years old that time. I have a very friendly
relationship with her all time. One day I come from College & I saw my
mami was in shower. My mama in office & there is no one in home, I told
you before that my parents was in holiday in India. I feel hot & trying
to remember all those days & night when I do masturbate to think about
my mami & other girls. But I don't find any chance to do it with my mami
or any other girl. I am planing to do something to fuck my sexy mami,
than I start knock the bathroom. My mami told me she need more than 10
min to come out.
When she come out for shower, she told me don't knock bathroom when
anyone inside, I feel shy but I start keep dreaming to fuck her. She
just took shower few min ago & very good smelt come from her body. She
told me, now you can use bathroom.....I was little bit shy. She asking
me why I am not going now.....?? I told her I don't want to go bathroom
now. My mami was surprise & told me you just knock me to come out
quickly & now you saying you don't want to go bathroom. Whats wrong with
you. She was wearing shari, she look very cool but she getting angry
with me. I told her ok & went bathroom, I spend 10/15 min inside the
bathroom & than come out. My mami was watching me what I am doing, she
ask me Am I ok today?? Causes I am acting like different than other
days. She told me are you sick or anything happened in college? Please
tell me, don't shy or hide anything from me, causes your parents are not
in here now.
I told her, I can't tell you about my problem. She said you are always
friendly with me, than why you can't tell me?? She start panic & I have
to tell her my problem. I was waiting for this time & my plan work, I
told her you have to promise me, you can't tell anybody about my
problem. mami agree to my promise, than I suddenly open my pant & show
her my dick, she was stuck & thunder, mami never realize that I can show
her my dick like that way. I told her every time I feel pain & something
come's out just like white glue every time. mami feel shy & told me to
were the dress again. She was feel so pail, I can see that in her eyes &
face. Than I told her why you so upset, I told you before I can't tell
you my problem, but you force me to tell you. Now I told you & you
become mude off. I feel shy & lost all my plan, mami also shy & we both
can't speak few min. Than I tell her, well now you know every thing
about me(Dick), mami told me what I know every thing about you? I was
start smiling & tell her you saw my secret thing (dick). she said
ohhhhh..... than I start asking her all sex staff, but she try to ignore me.
I was hot that moment & my dick was so excited to fuck her that moment,
but my mami don't show any sign. Even I feel afraid, if my mami told
every thing to my mama, than I can't stand infornt of my family.
Suddenly, I make plan, do or die. I grab her & start kissing her nick &
lip, she said what are you doing?? Are you ok? don't you know I am your
mami, I am not your GF, ect. But i didn't stop, I start more kiss &
kiss. I lay down her in floor & start to force her to open her shari.
She can't say anything, just told me what are you doing. I start grab
her boobs & start finding her nipple. She try to stop me, but I was
crazy fucker that time, I know I have to win this game or I have to die.
So, I start doing every thing possible to make her excited. In other
hand I try to pull her shari & want to see her pussy. She still telling
me what are you doing, come down, I didn't hear what she telling me, I
am crazy that time to [censor] her, suddenly I pull her shari & I see
her secret sweet pussy. This is the first time I saw any women pussy, I
stuck & stop kissing mami. mami was thunder to see my behave, I keep
looking her pussy & touch her pussy with my hand. mami didn't say
anyword or trying to get off from there, suddenly she told me, " now you
happy to see my voda". I told her now its ok, you saw my dick, & I saw
your voda. I can understand, my plan is working, causes my mami take big
breath & I can hear that, still she is lay down in floor & watching me
what I am doing.
Than she told me, why you waiting, start [censor] you also
know every thing about me. I open my pant again, my mami come to me &
take my dick to her mouth, she start suck my dick. I saw so many xxx
movie with my friends, so I know every thing, but this is real
experience. so I was excited.....than I go down to my mami voda, its so
nice & I star licking her voda.... She said you are very cleaver. So
told me now I can understand your master plan. I told her I am sorry
about my behave, other wise I can't get you in my life like this way.
She said its ok, but don't try to d this thing with other girl, its
seems like rape. Than i told her why you than doing with me now, she
told me when you touch my voda, I feel hot & I need it now. I start to
push my dick to my mami voda, i feel something warm inside, I stat push
& push... my mami start oooooohhhhhh WOWWWWWWW AHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH. I
understand she is full crazy now, I start more push & push.... after few
min, i blow my Spam in her voda first time. After that day, I didn't go
college untill my patents come from India. Every day when my mama go
office, after that we start doing [censor] whole day. Still today I am
doing this with my mami. She has 2 kids now, but i can't control myself,
every time I have to go there home when kids go to school. My family is
looking girls for me for my weeding, my mami also smiling, she tell me
you are experience guy, why you afraid, I learn you everything, don't
forget to your mami after getting your wife voda. I miss my mami now a
days.... busy with my job & every thing. She is my first sex

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